Car Water Spots: Treatment and Prevention

Did you know even in common tap water, there are millions of particles that can permanently etch through your car’s clear coat? A common misconception is that “water spots” on paint are simply a water droplet drying. While that’s partially true, a “water spot” is when water evaporates, but the minerals in the water are left behind forming a spot. When water with zero minerals evaporates, the water will leave no spotting. This is just one of many factors that can cause real damage to your paint.

Water spots cover the paint of a black car.

Surfaces that already have etched in water spots require further treatment. Often times, light water spot etching can be removed with a dedicated water spot remover. If water spots have done further damage to the paint, a polish or paint correction can remove the spots and restore shine to your paint.

One way to prevent water spots is by applying some form of protection and water repellant to your paint. This could be a wax, sealant, coating, or film. Our preferred method is using a ceramic or graphene spray on coating or wax such as Turtle Wax Ceramic Spray Coating. This quickly gives the vehicle protection at a low cost. The best prevention is to keep water off the paint completely, but that isn’t always realistic, so this is a great step to help get that water off the pant faster.

So next time you wash your car, don’t skip the drying step! Find one of the best drying towels on the market here. Try out some spray on coatings or waxes to aid your paint in repelling water while also adding a layer of protection. Allowing the water to bake into your paint can do damage that takes further effort and time to reverse. If your car has water spots that don’t go away with a simple wash, check out dedicated water spot removers to get the job done or set up an appointment today.

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